Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Aurelia Store in Kottayam

"W" is finally here in Kottayam!!!!! But what's even more exciting is that Aurelia's come along too.. I'm sure most of you like us, have not heard of Aurelia brand. The store looks very colorful and like a moth to light, I was drawn to it.

The Aurelia and W stores are located on Shastri Road near the Wrangler store. Almost everyone I know (who are into kurtis as well..) love "W" and I'm sure they are definitely gonna LOVE Aurelia cause guess what??? It's way cheaper too...It's prices are along the lines of what Max Fashion has to offer and the quality is good too.

Floral prints are every girl's best friend and that's exactly what Aurelia offers. They have very vibrant colors and pretty patterns which really catches the eye of the customer.

This is the Kurti that I got for myself from Aurelia which I felt was really cute. Even my sister, Sonia ended buying a similar one.

We ended up going to W store after Aurelia and my mom was like Aurelia has better collection. Gasp! The sales lady over there got offended and was like 'Aurelia is a subsidiary of W but W has a wider range of collection'. My sister & I were like 'Oh! Just like how Maybelline is a sub brand of L'Oreal'
Secretly we were like 'We so prefer Maybelline over L'Oreal' and the same applies here too considering the fact we walked out empty handed from W. To be honest, it wasn't that W didn't have a good collection, we had our mom along who was like 'ENOUGH!!'

W - We'll be back soon!!

W and Aurelia are having their Monsoon sale going on currently.So girls Hurry up!!! Shop Shop Shop!!!


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