Friday, 31 May 2013

Movie Review: Hangover Part III

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This was one movie I was eagerly waiting for in 2013 and what a disappointment it turned out to be.

They didn't go by the plot that was used in the previous movies, which I wished they did cuz without that its not a hangover movie.

What made this series successful was that the wolf-pack along with the audience was trying to piece together the events of the previous night. The fact that we accompanied them in their journey of discovery helped us get more involved in the movie.
Where this movie fails is that the plot was revealed to us earlier on and all that is left are couple of humorous scenes.

The funny bits were not even haha ROFL types funny like the tiger scene in part 1 or the Buddhist monastery scene in part 2.

The biggest disappointment was that Stu didn't sing a song in this one.

Doug Song

Alan Town

 Enjoy the above two songs cuz we ain't getting one in this movie.

Post the initial credits of the movie, we see a true "hangover" moment. What I would have loved is to see the current hangover 3 movie compressed into the first 30 mins and the remainder of the movie exploring the events that led up to the above mentioned "hangover" moment. Now that would have been worth the money!!

My verdict: 3/5

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Movie Review - Fast and Furious 6

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I have watched Fast & Furious 1 & 2 and haven't bothered with the rest of the series.

First of all I wasn't aware that they had made 5 movies in this series. So when PR wanted to watch F&F6, I was quite surprised.
To get me intrigued, I was made to watch the trailer which looked promising. I mean its all about the cars and the car chases.
I'm not gona talk about the plot of the movie. If you want that please refer IMDB. This is what I thought about the movie.

The motto of the movie is that it takes a thief to catch another one and so it begins.The first half was good with all the car chases. Paul Walker looks old and domesticated in this movie so that was a huge disappointment. I had a huge crush on him when I saw F&F1 .

Vin Diesel is as usual muscular, bald and beefy. To keep him company we have Dwanye Johnson aka The Rock(he should have legally changed his name to The Rock. Dwayne is such a wimpy name)  also ripping his muscles.

The movie goes downhill in the second half to the point of being hilariously funny. The scene where Diesel jumps out or flies out of a moving car, catches the girl mid-air and safely lands on another moving car is far fetched that Diesel should join the Rajinikanth-Chuck Norris club.

The cherry on the cake is the runway scene, which is not necessarily a scene, its the whole second half of the movie. The below picture will give you an idea of the runway.

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My verdict: 2.5/5

Spoiler Alert: So at the end of the movie, they show what we can expect F&F7. Yes there is going to be an F&F7. Jason Statham is getting added to the wolf pack. 
PR was like, just imagine F&F10, it will be a combination F&F with the The Expendables team. There will be so much of testosterone on the screen that it will start to sprout hair. :P

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Movie Review: Go Goa Gone

I can't believe the first post in this blog is going to be about a zombie movie.

Personally I'm not at all a fan of Zombies or  movies related to the horror/zombie genre.

I had read sometime last year that Bollywood has bitten by the Zombie bug and are in the process of making movies on this subject.

In the article two movies were mentioned
  • Rise of the Zombie
  • Go Goa Gone (I was surprised that Illuminati Films(Saif Ali Khan's production company) was producing it)
I didn't give it much thought and dismissed them as trashy movies which will not go down well with the Indian audience.

Fast forward to March 2013, when the trailer of Go Goa Gone was released. It intrigued me further when I came to know that it is branded as India's first zombie comedy and that Saif, Vir Das and Kunal Khemu are acting in it. Though I couldn't digest Saif with his blonde hair. 

The words comedy & Vir Das are synonymous. Come on, Dehli Belly, do I  need to say more?

My husband, hereby in the blog known as PR, does not like watching Bollywood movies at all. The last movie he enjoyed thoroughly was Delhi Belly. 

When I told him that I want to watch Go Goa Gone, his first reply was 'No way in hell'.
I had to sell the movie to him, by saying that its got Vir Das in it,it is similar to Delhi Belly and last but not the least ZOMBIES!!

Coming to the movie, I found it hilarious! This is a movie where you feed your brain to the zombies and just enjoy the slapstick comedy. 

Vir and Kunal play the 21st century corporate Indian to the T aka getting stoned & drunk and being frustrated with their jobs. Anand Tiwari plays the geeky friend quite well.

What I loved were their names in the movie: Luv, Hardik & Bunny. If I didn't know people with similar names , I would have thought the script writers were stoned when they came up with these names.  People in India are actually named these out of the world names and that mind you is not even their nicknames.

Saif as Boris, the desi converted Russian gangster is quite funny. The fake accent is well really fake!!

The soundtrack is quite catchy and hilarious. My personal favorite tracks are Babaji ki Booti
and Khoon Choos le.

The zombie scenes were quite graphic. I personally didn't like it but if you can stomach it(no pun intended), like I did, the movie has many genuinely funny moments and excellent chemistry between the characters. Definitely first of its kind in Bollywood.

My rating : 3.5/5

In case you are wondering, PR loved the movie so much that he dragged his office friends to watch it again.

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