Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Movie Review: The Intern

When the trailer for this movie was out, I was beyond delighted! Who wouldn't wanna watch Robert De Niro all cute and old??? He looked like the Carl Fredrickson character from the animated movie Up. Those who don't know who Carl is, well, he's the cute grumpy man with the glasses who just decides to convert his house into a hot air balloon for his wife... Could anyone get any sweeter than that??? Well, Robert De Niro looked like the live version of Carl which made the movie even more delightful to watch.
                                                        Get what I'm talking about????

One of the things I loved about the movie was that it was a pleasant movie throughout. It didn't have the usual depressing or serious scenes. And boy has it been ages since I've seen a movie without such cliched scenes!! I felt so good and happy throughout the movie. It definitely is a must watch for people who have been having a bad day...

Well the story is pretty simple. There's Jules Ostin who is played by Anne Hathaway who's the CEO of her startup called About The Fit, an e-commerce site that sells clothes. So, they come out with an outreach program where senior citizens can intern at their firm. That's where Ben Whitaker (played by Robert De Niro) enters the story when he joins About The Fit as an intern. Ben is a widower who is a retired executive from a phone directory company. He has a very monotonous life and he felt he needed to do something engaging at the age of 70 and thus ends up at Jules' firm and unfortunately as her intern.

I'm not spoiling the rest of the story but the movie goes on showing how Jules isn't very comfortable with Ben initially but later bonds with him and they end up becoming good friends. Their friendship is beyond adorable and I was continuously awwwwwwing throughout the movie.

I'm guessing I love the movie because Robert De Niro looks beyond cute in the movie. I'm probably sure you might have got more than a dead giveaway that it might be the only reason why I liked the movie. But the movie is more than about the cuteness of Robert Di Niro. It's a movie you could definitely go with family for and a real feel good movie.

My Rating: 4/5

P.S. But I still stand by the fact that Robert Di Niro was amazing in this movie! Period!

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