Sunday, 30 June 2013

Maybelline Diamond Glow Eye Shadow Quads

Craving to do try the Smokey eye look, I was in search of the perfect eye shadow and that's when i ended up buying this eye shadow(though it is nowhere related to the smokey eye look.).

I think I was drawn in by the pretty pattern and beautiful colors of the kit. The most striking feature for me was that it was provided with written instructions at the back on how to wear the different shades in order to get the finished look.

Now let me get to the pros and cons of the product.

Pros: It's easy to apply with the provided sponge brushes and all you have to do is follow the instructions properly. Definitely a stunner for the night time look. It isn't too loud but still one would know a difference in the eyes.

Cons:It is a little powdery and does't blend that well. A total NO NO for a daytime look as it is glittery. Finally I think its a little too pricey.

Price: Rs 475

Shades:Lilac Mauve, Ocean Blue, Wine Pink, Gray Pink, Copper Brown.

Outside India the product name varies and is known as Maybelline EyeStudio Color Plush and is available in a larger variety of colors than what Maybelline offers in India.

Final Verdict: Those who aren't going for the exact smokey eye look but with a bit more pink and glitter  should definitely go for it. I mean, after-all which girl doesn't like a combination of pink and glitter???

Shade used in the picture:Gray pink

Photo Courtesy: Neethu Liz (to check up more on her, visit her page at Neethu Liz Photography)

My rating: 2.5/5

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