Thursday, 30 May 2013

Movie Review - Fast and Furious 6

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I have watched Fast & Furious 1 & 2 and haven't bothered with the rest of the series.

First of all I wasn't aware that they had made 5 movies in this series. So when PR wanted to watch F&F6, I was quite surprised.
To get me intrigued, I was made to watch the trailer which looked promising. I mean its all about the cars and the car chases.
I'm not gona talk about the plot of the movie. If you want that please refer IMDB. This is what I thought about the movie.

The motto of the movie is that it takes a thief to catch another one and so it begins.The first half was good with all the car chases. Paul Walker looks old and domesticated in this movie so that was a huge disappointment. I had a huge crush on him when I saw F&F1 .

Vin Diesel is as usual muscular, bald and beefy. To keep him company we have Dwanye Johnson aka The Rock(he should have legally changed his name to The Rock. Dwayne is such a wimpy name)  also ripping his muscles.

The movie goes downhill in the second half to the point of being hilariously funny. The scene where Diesel jumps out or flies out of a moving car, catches the girl mid-air and safely lands on another moving car is far fetched that Diesel should join the Rajinikanth-Chuck Norris club.

The cherry on the cake is the runway scene, which is not necessarily a scene, its the whole second half of the movie. The below picture will give you an idea of the runway.

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My verdict: 2.5/5

Spoiler Alert: So at the end of the movie, they show what we can expect F&F7. Yes there is going to be an F&F7. Jason Statham is getting added to the wolf pack. 
PR was like, just imagine F&F10, it will be a combination F&F with the The Expendables team. There will be so much of testosterone on the screen that it will start to sprout hair. :P

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