Friday, 31 May 2013

Movie Review: Hangover Part III

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This was one movie I was eagerly waiting for in 2013 and what a disappointment it turned out to be.

They didn't go by the plot that was used in the previous movies, which I wished they did cuz without that its not a hangover movie.

What made this series successful was that the wolf-pack along with the audience was trying to piece together the events of the previous night. The fact that we accompanied them in their journey of discovery helped us get more involved in the movie.
Where this movie fails is that the plot was revealed to us earlier on and all that is left are couple of humorous scenes.

The funny bits were not even haha ROFL types funny like the tiger scene in part 1 or the Buddhist monastery scene in part 2.

The biggest disappointment was that Stu didn't sing a song in this one.

Doug Song

Alan Town

 Enjoy the above two songs cuz we ain't getting one in this movie.

Post the initial credits of the movie, we see a true "hangover" moment. What I would have loved is to see the current hangover 3 movie compressed into the first 30 mins and the remainder of the movie exploring the events that led up to the above mentioned "hangover" moment. Now that would have been worth the money!!

My verdict: 3/5

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