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Movie Review: Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

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This movie was A Awesome!!! The whole movie is as fun as this movie poster on the right.

There was a lot of hype around the movie because it was the first movie after the Ranbir-Deepika  break up and the promoters of the movie played on that line in the trailers to get people interested.

They didn't need to do that because the movie was bloody good.

This is a typical Karan Johar family entertainer with the whole emotional(rhona-dhona) twist being tuned 10 notches down. There was a bit of drama but then again what would a Karan Johar movie be without it.

Let me start of with the song and dance bit. The songs were catchy. My favorite is "Badtameez Dil". Benny Dayal has sung it beautifully and his voice suits Ranbir to the T. Coming to Ranbir, he was, like Russell Peter would say, "Mind Blasting" in this song.  He danced so well.

Next is "Ghagra" which featured Madhuri Dixit. It was money's worth just to see the goddess dance. She was so graceful and I loved her in this song.

Kalki Koechlin & Aditya Roy Kapoor, playing the friends, were not reduced to just a couple of scenes. They had equal footage in the movie which is commendable and they did full justice to their roles.

Deepika unfortunately didn't have much of a role. I mean she did, after all she's the heroine but I feel  they didn't use her to her full potential. She had a meatier role in Cocktail.

PR somehow got the idea that there was a lesbian angle to the movie and some sort of scene would be there, I'm guessing between Deepika & Kalki. Well sorry to disappoint PR & the rest of the guys - no lesbian scene and no lesbian angle.

This was an out-and-out Ranbir Kapoor movie and he has held the movie strongly on his shoulders. This could be the reason I loved the movie cuz he was just YUM in the movie.

My verdict: 4.5/5

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