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Book Review: And The Mountains Echoed

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Set across different continents and moving across timelines, this new tale from the master story teller -Khaled Hosseini does not fail to strum the chord of emotions like his previous attempts. Clearly, the writing has set new standards, and the art of narration has reached unclaimed heights for this Afghan-born American novelist and physician.( In your face Literary critics, our man has arrived ! ) To be not moved by this heart wrenching story , is to be devoid of any sort of humane emotions( Yes, you read it right ! ).The author who moved millions with his masterful insights on Afghanistan and his awe inspiring choice of words to convey human emotions and is back at what he does best- to write about human bonding and hope that shapes our otherwise rather mundane life.

And The Mountains Echoed tells a tale about siblings Abdullah and Pari , and the bonding they shared . Unlike his previous stories, this book moves across timelines and continents and traces the lives of several important and unimportant characters to give us insights into their lives and emotions. Khaled Hosseini is known to portray freedom in his women characters , which are unheard of in modern day Afghanistan . The narration travels to Greece, France, and California, apart from Afghanistan. He is not to be blamed if one romanticizes about Kabul in the yesteryear's through his flair.  His literary critics may be silenced for a while now , but sometimes the reader finds it a little too much of desperation by the author to take his writing to newer heights by moving across time zones. Yet, he manages to connect the loose ends with a common human bonding and lets the reader out of the dark as the pages turn. Well, this book is a must read for people who loved his previous 2 books and are looking forwards to be emotionally ransacked by yet another one from his stable. This saga of heartbreak and hope is sure to keep his fans closer, and to strike new bonds.

Verdict: Strongly recommended. Go grab the tissues, its another tearjerker.

My rating: 3.5/5

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