Thursday, 13 June 2013

Movie Review: Now You See Me

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The trailer of this movie, when it came out last year was very inviting and promising.

It looked like it would be in the lines of  The Prestige and The Illusionist. If you haven't seen these movies, please watch them. They are highly recommended if you like magic and illusion.

It looks like a full action packed magic-adventure roller coaster ride with a phenomenally good cast.

Morgan Freeman & Michael Cane.. Do I need to say more??

And the Hulk aka Mark Ruffalo!!!

The movie starts off really good with a brief background of each magician's specialty. They have been called to a single location by a mysterious person to start their own show in Las Vegas.
They are known as The Four Horsemen!!

The first half of the movie is really fast paced, keeps you at the edge of the seat.

I wish I could say the same of the second half too. I really want to like this movie but the ending of the movie has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I compare this movie to a three course meal where the starter and main course is out of the world. The dessert just falls flat on the ground. Its like a sunk cake. This is the side effect of watching too many cookery shows.  Must stop watching these shows..  :(

I mean just see this trailer. Its really really good!!

Michael Cane was wasted in this movie. A versatile actor and to be given a minuscule role, such a shame!!
Jesse Eisenberg played Mark Zuckerberg again, the socially awkward guy.

I would recommend this movie to everyone, just to watch the first half of the movie.

My rating: 3/5 (I would have given a 4 but the climax was really blah!!)

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