Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Movie Review: Gippi

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This is an out-an-out girly movie.  Lots of fun, laughter, embarrassment, pains of growing up and how life is so over since the guy we had a crush on doesn't even know we existed.

I mean every woman/girl can relate to Gurpreet aka Gippi.

This movie reminded me of all the Hollywood movies that I watched as a kid in the 90's such as Matilda, Little Rascals, Casper,Rookie of the Year, Parent Trap.. Good clean kids movie.

All the actor have done a good job.

Starting with Gippi, she's the clumsy, fat and not so popular girl in school and has her set of friends who are geeky with the stereotypical glasses.

She has her younger annoying brother who provided the comic relief in the movie.

Then you have the popular girls aka the bitches who have straight hair, slim, sexy and hot. I hate those kinds!! :)

Then you have the guys, the chocolate boy and the bad ass. Every girl's kryptonite!!!!

A special mention goes to Divya Dutta for playing the coolest Punjabi mom superbly!

All in all a fun afternoon watch with your girlfriends!!

All the girls/women out there, give this movie a shot. To the guys, don't bother. I'm sure you all would have hated it from the title itself.

My rating: 3.5/5

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