Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Movie Review: ABCD (American-Born Confused Desi)

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This movie is definitely for those Dulqar Salman fans!!!And hence me totally in love with it!
An absolute entertainer and nothing more especially with its pointless story-line and poor climax.For the guys out there who don't go drooling over every stupid thing Dulqar does,they'll just find it to be an okay movie.But for those who do drool over him....Girls...you are in for a ride!!!It's Dulqar everywhere!!!Hotter than ever!!

The story (though there really isn't anything..) is where the American-born Malayalee teenager (the amazingly hot Dulqar) gets send to Kerala after he puts himself into a lot of trouble back in America(you can blame it all on the messed up hormones).He's fooled into coming to India by his dad (played by Lalu Alex) saying it's a one month vacation but his dad has other plans for him.His father gets him into a college in Kerala.Johns(played by Dulqar) is accompanied by his best pal Korah (played by Jacob Gregory) are stuck in Kerala with no money or ticket to get back to America.His dad provides them a measly amount of 5000 Rs to survive a month which would become even less if they fell short of attendance in college.The movie then goes on about how they try to get money to get back and all the trouble they get into.

Another prominent role is taken up by Aparna Gopinath (playing the role of Madhumitha) though she doesn't play the heroine look.She is their friend from college and helps get the Johns-Korah duo out of trouble most of the time.She plays a strong activist role and it's really fun to watch her especially her ears that had about a million piercings on it.

The songs in the movie are also fun especially the pointless song Jhonny Mone Jhonny which is sung by Dulqar himself.The video of the song is pretty good too.

Overall the movie is really fun to watch especially with friends.You could watch it more than once to get a good laugh or if you just go on ogling on Dulqar..:)..It's a must watch for those who love entertainment movies and also for those Dulqar fans.

My rating:3/5

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